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Issues That Matter in Our Community

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Bold Climate Action

Climate change is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity that Canada has ever faced. While the consequences of failing to address climate change would be catastrophic, our transition to a green, sustainable economy will create good local jobs, shorter commutes, more livable cities, and cleaner air and water. As Canadians, we will rise to this challenge and, in doing so, create a strong, stable, and prosperous economy today and for our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

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Electoral Reform

Our “first past the post” voting system is the only one that allows a minority of the votes to elect a majority government with 100 percent of the power. It makes voters feel as if their vote just doesn’t count and it is time to replace it. We will work through extensive public consultation by an all-party committee to determine the form of proportional representation best suited for Canada.


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Defending Our Coast from Risky Pipelines & Oil Tankers

Kinder Morgan proposes a seven-fold increase in oil sands tanker traffic through Vancouver and Burnaby, These tankers would carry bitumen from the oil sands, mixed with toxic diluents to make it flow, a mixture that is impossible to clean up if spilled. A single tanker accident would ruin our coast and the lives and livelihoods that depend on its health. That is why we recognize that the economic, social and environmental consequences of approving these projects is simply too high.

Housing and Affordability

Canada needs a National Housing Strategy based on Housing First principles; a proven, recovery-oriented approach that centres on quickly moving people experiencing homelessness into independent, permanent housing, and then providing additional supports and services as needed. We also need to develop strategies to deal with the sky-rocketing cost of housing so that young families, seniors, students and other working people can afford to live and work in our community.

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For more information on the Green Party of Canada positions and policies on critical issues, see the Election Platform.